Advertisers on Page One.

  • H.Logie, Postmaster.
  • Messrs Wilkins and Field, Nelson, on behalf of Dalgety and Co. (Explosives)
  • Wm. Davidson, Westport, on behalf of Dalgety and Co. (Explosives)
  • Gallagher Bros., Reefton, on behalf of Dalgety and Co. (Explosives)
  • Forsyth and Masters, Greymouth and Reefton, on behalf of Dalgety and Co. (Explosives)
  • Jas Renton, Hokitika, on behalf of Dalgety and Co. (Explosives)
  • Trent Bros., Christchurch (Malted Food)
  • Masefield & Co., Auckland (Engines)
  • W.S.Campbell, Proprietor, Albion Hotel, Greymouth
  • J.W.Tatton and Son and Black, Surgeon Dentists, Westport
  • Charles Downie, Proprietor, Commercial Hotel, Murchison
  • Mitchell & Co., Fred M.Mitchell, Manager, Christchurch (Chemists)
  • Duncan McLean, Agent, Greymouth (Engines)
  • F.R.Manning, Agent, Dunedin (Engines)

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Advertisers on Page Two.

  • W.M.J.Hansby, Chemist, Reefton (Dental work)
  • George B. Shepherd, Sharebroker, Mining & Commission Agent, Reefton
  • H. Kater, Agent (Monuments)
  • W. & G. Turnbull & Co., Proprietors, Empire Tea Co.
  • R.Hindmarsh, Sharebroker, Mining & Commission Agent, Bridge Street, Reefton
  • C.Smith, Cash Draper, Broadway, Reefton
  • Mr James Rathbon, Manager, C.Smith Cash Drapers
  • Free & Cottrell, Solicitors, Bridge Street, Reefton
  • Jas. Wills & Co., Buller Road, Reefton
  • T.W.Tymons & Co., Greymouth, Drapery
  • Mr Patterson (Tea)
  • Forsyth and Masters, Reefton (Cottages for sale & Furnishings)
  • E.J.Scantlebury

Blue Line gif
Dawson’s Hotel
Mr Gorman, Melbourne; Dr Scott, Kumara; Mr Bray, Mr Kilgour, Grey.

In the LOCAL AND GENERAL section:

The Buller Dredge return for the week is 28ozs 18dwts.

Mr G.Black, manager of the Progress mine, belonging to the Consolidated Goldfields of New Zealand, Limited, has handed in his resignation. This, we are given to understand, is in no way caused by the reduction of wages at the Progress, but is from altogether different arrangements.

Names mentioned in the NELSON EDUCATION BOARD section:

  • Mr Colvin
  • Major Franklyn
  • Miss King, probationer at Black’s Point
  • Mr F. Coleman, master at Capleston (new appointment)
  • Constable Harris, truant office, Westport
  • Mr Hursthouse

Blue Line gif

Great Fire in the Lyell.

Nearly the whole Township completely destroyed.

A wire just received from the Lyell states that both sides of the main, and only street of the township from Bennett’s store to Barkley’s residence was burnt to the ground last night at midnight. Included in the properties burnt on the we[s]t side are Messrs Ryan’s store, Messrs Barclay’s and Robert’s residence, the National Bank, Fennell’s general store, the old Commercial Hotel, Fennell’s Hotel and Bennett’s store.
On the opposite or east side are McFarlanes Hotel, Fennels drapery store, Ca[r]mini’s boot shop, a large house occupied by Mrs Brown a storeroom of Ryans and several other disused and unoccupied buildings. No further particulars are yet to hand.

The above was issued this morning as a TIMES extra. Later particulars from our own Correspondent give a full report of the catastrophe.

(By Telegraph – Own Correspondent.)
LYELL, This Day.

A disastrous fire occurred here about 11 30 o’clock last night. It appears to have occurred underneath the old Commercial Hotel, which is at present owned by Mr John Fennell and occupied by him as a store for general mechandise and as sleeping apartments for himself and his employees. The fire spread rapidly, the occupants having time only to escape with their lives through the upstairs windows on to the verandah. The buildings here are built closely together and it was only a few moments before the whole street was on fire. On the right the National Bank, James Ryan’s general store and dwelling, J.M.Robert’s dwelling, and J.Barclay’s dwelling were all completely burnt to the ground. Up the street on the other side of the starting point the flames spread equally as rapidly. Two store rooms, belonging to Mr Fennell, soon giving way to the fire fiend. Next to go was Mr Fennell’s general store containing a very large and well assorted stock, and Fennell’s Empire Hotel a large and exceedingly well furnished house, was soon in flames and was completely gutted in a few moments. The boarders were luckily able to escape with most of their belongings. Farther on again a draper’s shop and dwelling also owned by Mr Fennell and occupied by J.Bennet was completely destroyed after a considerable amount of the stock had being saved by willing hands. On the opposite side of the road Walter Atkin’s Lyell Times Office, Mrs Brown’s shop and dwelling, J.Fennell’s draper shop, O.Holman’s store, Thos. McFarlane’s draper’s shop, and McFarlane’s Cristerion Hotel were all burning at the one moment. Nothing but a heap of old twisted iron ruins is left to show that a line of buildings was once in existence.

The cause of the fire is unknown it having originated underneath the house. John Fennell is the principal loser, no less than six of his buildings and contents being totally destroyed. He is without any insurance and estimates his loss at between seven and eight thousand pounds. The other insurances are £200 on W.Atkin’s building and plant £500, on J.Ryan’s stock and dwelling, £150 on the Criterion Hotel, and £150 on the National Bank, £200 on Carmine’s shop. In all there are 20 buildings destroyed, and families that can ill afford the loss are completely homeless.

Additional insurance Carmini, £200. Mrs Dollomore’s house, Edge’s butcher’s shop, and Downes’ carpenter’s shop were also destroyed. Nothing of any value was saved owing to the inability to get down the street. There was no wind blowing and this saved the rest of the town, or the telegraph office and Government buildings, Post Office Hotel, etc., must have gone. In three hours everything was down. The Bank and Lyell Times safes are standing in the debris.

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Names mentioned in THE MONTAGUE FREDO COMPANY section:

  • Madame Fredo
  • Bubbles Fredo
  • Lar Fredo
  • Harry Crawford
  • Miss Polly Robinson
  • Miss Dora Busch
  • Messrs Busch and Lelliott (2)
  • Professor Montague

In the TELEGRAMS section:

Wellington, this day.
Arrived at 1 p.m., Gothic from London via way ports. Her dates are:- Plymouth, April 18th, Teneriffe 23, Cape, May 8, Hobart 5 p.m. on the 27th. The vessel encountered fine weather throughout and the voyage was uneventful. The Gothic brings 77 passengers, and she landed ten passengers at Teneriffe. 217 at the Cape, and 40 at Hobert, She has 3,200 tons of general cargo. Sir Maurice O’Rorke is among the passengers.

James King, the well known watchmaker and jeweller, of Cuba Street, is dead.

Auckland, this day.
H.R.Aubrey, one of the pioneer settlers of the north, died suddenly at Devonport. He was for some time Resident Magistrate for the Whangarei District.

Wellington, this day.
A reward of £250 is offered for information as to the whereabouts of Detective Kirby.

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AUSTRALIAN telegrams
Albany, this day.
Arrived-Massilia; passenger for New Zealand, Capt.Webster.

Blue Line gif

Advertisers on Page Three.

  • E.J.Scantlebury
  • Ed. B. Garnen, County Engineer (Road Tenders)
  • T.Hubert Lee, Manager, Hercules Quartz Mining Company Ltd.
  • Isaac Lewis, Certified Assayer, Metallurgist & Practical Chemist, Mining Agent
  • Alexander McCloy, miner, Application for Special Claim
  • Henry Lucas, Pro Warden
  • J.E.Petherick (Theatre Royal)
  • E.J.Scantlebury, Hon.Sec., Reefton Hospital (independent of his business advts)
  • J.Hannigan, Boatman’s coach
  • Margaret McAuley, Grocers
  • W.M.J.Hansby, Chemist and Druggist
  • Mrs Noy, Dressmaker
  • A.Harris, Saddler and Harness maker
  • W.B.Barkley (Fabrics and millinery)
  • E.J.Knowsley, manager, Hallenstein Bros
  • Forsyth and Masters, Hardware & Iron merchants
  • H.Carter, Watchmaker and Jeweller
  • Miss Crabb, Dress and Mantle maker
  • Mrs J. Bray, Draper
  • Edward Conway, Baker
  • Hayward Bros, Christchurch
  • Pisettele, Tailor
  • Amelia Brandt, Proprietress, Matiri House
  • David Ziman, Attorney
  • Harold Brothers, Tea
  • T.J.Malloy, Boot Importer
  • W.P.Walson, General Manager, Kaitangata Railway and Coal Co.
  • John Chambers & Son, Auckland (Pumps & irrigation)

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Advertisers on Page Four.

  • W.G.Collings (Music)
  • Parkinson & Co., Chemists
  • H.Griffiths, Proprietor, Wharf Hotel, Greymouth
  • Mr Hathaway M.P.S., Christchurch
  • Sydney Black, Surgeon Dentist, Westport
  • R.A.Sutherland, Hairdressing Saloon
  • Stanislaus Muller, Manager, Ohoutahi Station
  • Chas. Begg & Co., Dunedin, Music Sellers
  • Joseph Godber, Christchurch (Disinfectant)
  • R.Chattock, Land, Estate and Commission Agent
  • Mrs Williams, Clothing
  • Mr S. Chipchase, Dyer and Scourer (ex-Melbourne)
  • J.E.Hounsell & Co., Bookseller, Nelson
  • Cobb & Co.
  • W.J.Hunt & Co., Wellington, Stock, Share and Mineral Brokers and Mining Investment Agents
  • Henry Cooper, Mining, Commission and Insurance Agent, Reefton
  • J.Malloy, Painter & Paperhanger, Reefton
  • Mrs Bray, Clothing
  • Thomas Jones, ex-proprietor, Post Office Hotel, Greymouth
  • Mr H.C.Fricker, proprietor, Post Office Hotel, Greymouth

Advertisers on Page One.

  • Ed N. Liffiton, Properties for sale.
  • Mr D.M.Hogg, butcher. (His butchery’s goodwill is for sale)
  • Freeman R. Jackson, auctioneer.
  • Rev. Father Kirk (land to let)
  • J. Purcell (in connection with the land to let above)
  • John Chubbin (his farm for sale via Freeman Jackson)
  • Mrs Nicholls (the house she occupies is for sale)
  • Geo. J. Scott (in connection with the house sale above)
  • John Pawson (sale of Wanganui butchery)
  • Southby’s store (for sale)
  • L. Levy (in connection with the sale of Southby’s store)
  • F.H. Brett, proprietor of the Ketemerae Hotel (sale of the Hotel)
  • C.H.Ashforth, general financial agent
  • R. Taylor Davis, general commission agent
  • Mr. G. Seymour, barrister and solicitor
  • Ashforth and Liffiton, auctioneers and valuators
  • C. Grey, manufacturing confectioner, Wellington
  • John Taylor, butcher, Palmerston North
  • S. Carroll, Land and Commission agent
  • J.H.Carroll, Boot and Shoe maker, Taupo Quay
  • Horn and Mills, Plumbers, successors to A. Tod
  • S. Coleman, auctioneer and cattle salesman, Marton and Bulls
  • Abraham Stott, contractor and builder, Wanganui
  • W.J. Tyerman, dispensing chemist, Rangitikei, previously Wanganui
  • J. Francis Hadley N.Y.A.M., music and singing teacher
  • Charles Lendrick Maclean, barrister and solicitor, Bulls
  • Geo. Wilkin , M.D., Edin, L.R.C.S., Edin. (Mr Forder & Mr Murray)
  • Thomas Reid
  • J.W. Robinson, proprietor of the Victoria Hotel.
  • J.O. Batchelar, proprietor of the White Hart Hotel.
  • Owen McKittrick, proprietor of the Family Hotel, Turakina
  • William Prosser, proprietor of The Club Hotel, Marton
  • J.S.Smiley, stables
  • J.Howe, Coach and Horse Hotel, Rangitikei
  • Thomas Bradley, proprietor The White Horse Stables, Fielding
  • Professor Hooper, hairdressing
  • John Evans, sheep for sale
  • George Beaven, Insurance
  • Robert Palmer, Earth Closets
  • Hamilton’s Coach and Carriage Factory, Wanganui (James Hamilton)
  • Duncan and York, Taupo Quay

SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE [only the passenger list]
Passenger List.
Per Manawatu – outwards – Miss Coakley, Mrs George, Mrs Williams, Mrs Donovan, Messrs Finnimore, Robinson (2), McKinnon, McKay, Hood, Harris and George.

Names mentioned in the general news section:

  • Mr W.H.Watt
  • Mr Shaw (Member for Rangitikei)
  • Sir Julius Vogel
  • Mr Bridges

Blue Line gif
We understand that Dr Giles, the gentleman appointed to dispense justice from the Magisterial chair in Wanganui, is expected to arrive per first steamer after the 7th inst.

Blue Line gif

A horse was drowned in the river this (Tuesday) morning through the man who had charge of it foolishly driving close to the water, just above the bridge, in order to allow it to drink. The bank dips down very suddenly on the spot selected, and the consequence was that the horse fell in, the man by some means managing to jump out of the trap before it went under water. A crowd soon collected, and the trap was got out. The loss falls upon Mr J.G.Sharpe, of Victoria Avenue.

Blue Line gif

A child living with a lady in Wilson St., pushed a button up its nose some six months ago, leaving it there and forgetting all about it. Lately the nose appeared very sore, as if it was festering. The lady, anxious to find out the cause, passed a hair pin up, and much to her surprise brought down the button, which is about the size of a sixpence.

Blue Line gif

The business at the Resident Magistrate’s Court this morning was not very important. Two drunkards, Kereopa and James McCanu, were fined 5s or 24 hours for being drunk.
Denis Hurley was charged with stealing two bottles of brandy, the property of John Rawlings on the 3rd inst., and sentenced to 7 days hard labour. A number of civil cases of no importance were disposed of, and several in which Maories appeared were postponed in consequence of there being no Interpreter, the Resident Magistrate taking them all over to Mr Woon to explain the reason to them.

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Names mentioned in the section: MR PHARAZYN AT THE ODD FELLOWS HALL [political meeting]

  • Mr Pharazyn
  • Mr Caffry
  • Mr Blackett
  • Mr Baird
  • Mr Chadwick
  • Mr Hutchison

Blue Line gif

Names mentioned in the section: NOMINATION FOR WANGANUI

  • Mr Bryce
  • Sir Julius Vogel
  • Mr Stafford
  • Sir George Grey
  • Mr Duthie
  • Mr Watt
  • Dr Pollen
  • Mr Ballance
  • Mr Field
  • Mr Pharazyn

Blue Line gif


(From a correspondent.)
The result of the poll yesterday was Atkinson, 131; Ives, 21; majority for Major Atkinson, 110.

Selwyn election. – Poll : Fitzroy (Abolitionist), 244; Reeves, 230. This caused great astonishment in Christchurch, where Reeves was backed at long odds. Fitzroy is a young, untried man.
Weather terribly hot. Yesterday two brothers were killed by sunstroke while haymaking at Rangiora.

Wallace election – Complete returns received : Basstian, 76; Joyce, 25.

NELSON, Jan. 3.
Collingwood election – Gibbs returned unopposed.

TIMARU, Jan. 3.
Names mentioned in this telegram are:

  • Mr Stafford
  • Mr John Cooke
  • Mr Wakefield (Member for Geraldine)
  • Sir George Grey
  • Mr Fitzherbert

Blue Line gif

January 1, 1876.

Present:- Chairman and all the Wardens.
The Treasurer reported balance in hand £ 324 5s 11d.
Tenders:- Durie’s Road. T. and A. Milne, £29 18s, accepted; P.Keenan £31, declined.
Letter read from Government stating that the Provincial Government had received no money from the Confiscated Land Sale.
H.F.Mason applied to have his name taken off the Rate Book for Section 46 and 47, Okokuku Block.
Accounts passed and paid:- D.Johnstone, £39 10s; P.Keenan, £21; W.Watkins, £1 7s 6d.
Resolved:- That advertisements be inserted in the HERALD.
That a special meeting of the Board be held at the Town Hall on February 5th, 1876, to hear appeals against recent assessment.

Blue Line gif

Names mentioned in the section: MR FIELD AT WAIROA

  • Mr Field
  • Mr J. Lupton
  • Mr Bryce
  • Mr Allan

Blue Line gif

We furnish below the score for the second competition for the Silver Cup, which took place at the Butts, on Monday morning. The following is the score, and it is a great improvement on the previous firing; but the Volunteers are still averse to the use of the short Snider, and look on them as a very inferior weapon.

  200 400 500 Total
Barlow 16 17 17 50
Churton 17 16 19 48
Purnell 16 14 17 47
G.Armstrong 15 16 16 46
W.Armstrong 15 17 15 46
Sommerville 19 15 11 45
Flyger 11 9 15 33

Blue Line gif
The nomination for this district took place at the Court House today (Tuesday) at noon. The Returning Officer, Robert Parris, Esq., R.M., conducting the proceedings. A large number of Maoris assembled, all taking great interest. Wi Parata (the old member), Major Kemp, of Wanganui, and Hoani Nahe of Hauraki (Thames) were nominated. The show of hands gave the following result:
Major Kemp – 35
Wi Parata – 3
Hoane Nahe – 2
A poll was demanded, which will be held on Saturday the 15th inst.

(From our Patea correspondent.)

  Atkinson Ivess
New Plymouth 77 5
Omata 24 0
Oakura 31 16
Hawera 48 23
Manutahi 13 2
Carlyle 32 27
  225 73

Majority, 152.
Blue Line gif
Names mentioned in letters in the section: THE ELECTION

  • Messrs. Watt and Bull
  • Mr Ballance

Excerpts from the section: PALMERSTON

Since my last a very sad accident happened, depriving a large and deserving family of their head and support. W.Aldridge, who had been connected with Messrs Richter, Nannestad and Co’s. Sawmill, was clearing a piece of bush not far from the square. A tree must have rebounded in falling and struck him, as he was found lying on the trunk quite dead. He leaves a widow with a family of seven little girls unprovided for. Since his arrival here about two years ago he has by sheer industry succeeded in purchasing, by instalments, the freehold of a town section, and erecting a small house on it. This will at all events prevent them from being houseless. A subscription list, which was set on foot immediately after the accident happened, has been generally well responded to, and it is now proposed to supplement this by the proceeds of an entertainment to be held in the Schoolroom on Monday next, the 10th prox.

Other names mentioned in this section:

  • Mr Walter Johnston
  • Dr Buller
  • Mr Snelson

Blue Line gif
Advertisers and/or Notices listed on Page 3:

  • Mrs Aikman (retiring from business)
  • Mrs James Stewart (taking over Mrs Aikman’s business)
  • John N. Coleridge, District Engineer
  • Mrs Rankin (looking for needlewomen)
  • H.C. Aamodt (Charcoal for sale)
  • Mr Bennett’s store, Awa Huri
  • Mr Gilbert’s Royal Hotel, Palmerston
  • Mr D.R.Lewers’, Bulls
  • Mr Oakley’s Junction Hotel, Sandon
  • H.I.Jones, Importer (Diaries, Music)
  • John Carruthers, Engineer-in-chief (NZ Railways)
  • Frank Palmer, Waverley Hotel, Wairoa
  • Mr R. Pharazyn (Politics)
  • Mr Bryce (Politics)
  • Messrs Chadwick & Belcher
  • William Phyn, Blacksmith
  • Arthur Beauchamp, Auctioneer
  • H.W.Gouger, Secretary (A.I.O.O.F.)
  • Freeman R. Jackson
  • Mr J.Piercy, Kaiwhaike
  • Mr D. Wilkie
  • P.L.Sim (Tea & fruit)
  • Jas. Purnell
  • Captain Doile, S.S.Stormbird
  • Thomas Reid, Agent
  • A. Palmer, Commander, s.s.Murray
  • H.J.Anderson, Agent
  • Captain Evans, S.S. Manawatu
  • Taylor & Watt, Agents
  • Ed. N. Liffiton, Secretary, Wangaehu Highway Board
  • Geo. Brooking, Town Clerk
  • Mr James Brown
  • T.V.Brown
  • Mr W.G.Watt, Marton
  • Mr D.Lewers, Bull Town
  • Mr Gilbert, Palmerston
  • D.H.MacArthur
  • Long John
  • A.D.Willis
  • W.H.Harding, Photographist
  • J.Richardson, Wangaehu Bridge Hotel
  • G.Franklin, Storekeeper, Turakina
  • H.Lyon, Chemist, Marton
  • A.C.Riggs, Crofton
  • F.W.Evans, Rangitikei Hotel
  • M.Noake, Major Commanding W.M.D.
  • L.L.Levy
  • Andrew Young
  • C.H.Chavannes
  • John Rawlings
  • Mr.W.Turnbull
  • John McKelvie, Esq.
  • W.B.Rhodes, Esq.
  • J.W.Gower, Esq., of Carnarvon
  • Mrs Daniell, Mount Desert, near Balgownie
  • C.H.Borlase, Esq.
  • J.S.Smiley, Rutland Stables

Blue Line gif
Advertisers and/or Notices listed on Page 4:

  • Powell, Son & Co.
  • H.I.Jones
  • H.Churton
  • F.R.Jackson
  • R.W.Woon
  • Thos. Flannary
  • Mrs McGregor, Ball Street
  • Peter Campbell, Manutahi
  • Jos. G. Holdsworth, Commissioner of Crown Lands
  • H.C.Field, Engineer to Board (Wanganui – Waitotara Highway Board)
  • Peter Bell
  • A.Cass
  • Bridge and Ward, Drapers
  • J. M’Dowell & Co.
  • John Clark, Saddle, Harness, and Collar Maker
  • Edward Churton
  • John McGregor, Royston House
  • P.Colrevy, Bootmaker
  • J.Anderson, Upholsterer

Advertisers on Page 1

  • John Williamson, Printer
  • Wm. S. Grahame, Fort-street; Food stuffs, etc
  • Brown & Campbell; Sales by Auction
  • Mr Hart; Sales by Auction
  • John Scott, Shortland-crescent; Food stuffs, etc
  • William Wilson, Baker, Queen Street
  • Jno. I. Montefiore; alcohol, snuff & tea
  • J & N Simms; Clothing and fabrics

The Partnership hitherto carried on by the Undersigned, under the firm of Graham & Dickson, is this day dissolved by mutual consent. – All parties having claims against them will be paid by, and all outstanding debts are to be paid to R & D Graham.
Robert Graham
David Graham
John Dickson
Witness, John McDougall, Roderick McKenzie.

Drawings, and Specifications, for the Erection of a Church at Waikato Heads, may be seen, and all particulars learned, by applying to Mr. F.Thatcher, after Thursday 19th instant.

Stolen, or strayed, from the flock of Mr. Wm. Williams, of the Tamaki, Two Leicester Breeding Ewes. Whoever will give, if stolen, such information as will lead to the conviction of the parties shall receive the above Reward.
If Strayed, – the sum of Ten Shillings will be paid for the same, on delivery at the Farm.
*** The sheep are supposed to have been stolen about the 21st of May, last.

WANTED, – Wood-cutters. Apply to John Weavell, Wood’s Island, or to Mr. S. Pembill, Queen-street.

All Persons having Timber, or other Goods, on the Allotment of Thomas Weston, & Co, situate in Shortland-crescent, are requested to remove the same; otherwise rent will be charged from this date.
S.Pembill, Queen-street.

TO LET. – Portions of the Allotment of Thomas Weston & Co, situate in Shortland-crescent, and adjoining the Public Market and Landing-place, suitable for the storage of Timber, or the erection of a Shed for storing Goods.
Apply to S.Pembill, Queen-street.

Any person detected cutting or carrying away Timber from. or otherwise trespassing on the Land belonging to Mr S.A. WOOD, opposite Wood’s Island, after this date, without permission from Mr S.A. WOOD, Auckland or the undersigned, will be prosecuted with the utmost rigour of the law.
John Weavell, Wood’s Island


June 7. “Palmyra,” brig. Galt, master, from Adelaide, via Launceston, with Flour, gram [grain] and sundries. Passengers, H.Collier, Esq. H.R.Cretnay, Agent.
June 9. “Elizabeth,” schooner. Goodwin, master, from Tauranga, with sundries.
June 10. “Flying Fish,” schooner. Holman, master, from Wangarei, with sundries.
June 11. “Louisa,” schooner. Atkins, master, from the Thames, with gum.
June 11. “Gazelle,” schooner. M’Intosh, master, from the Thames, with timber.
June 12. “Brothers.” Drew, master, from Poverty Bay, with Flax.


June 10. “Narragansett.” American Whaler, Coffin, master, for Nantucket. W.S.Grahame, Agent.
June 10. “I Don’t Know,” schooner. Thompson, master, for Sydney, via Wellington, with sundries. Passenger, Mr Waitford. H.R.Cretnay, Agent.
June 11. “Elizabeth,” schooner. Goodwin, master, for Tauranga, with sundries.
June 12. “Lady Leigh,” schooner. Reid, master, for Sydney, via Kauwau and Russell, with Ore, Gum, &c. W.S.Grahame, Agent.

Names mentioned in the articles relating to troop movements:

  • Peter M’Quabe, Captain of the corvette Daedalus
  • Major Banbury, Captain Sayers, Captain Montgomery, Lieutenants Lesslie and Freeman, Ensigns Hunter and Coleman and Assistant Surgeon Gammie, and 308 rank and file of the 80th Regiment, with 34 women and 51 children listed on the Briton leaving Sydney for Calcutta. The route took them to Singapore for fresh water, and after that the vessel was lost in the Andamans, but with all hands saved. Also mentioned is Captain Norris of the Cecilia. The Runymede from England with troops on, heading for Calcutta was also lost. Captain Patterson of the barque Wigrams brought this news to Penang.


On Thursday, 29th May, last, the Lady of G.O.Ormsby, Esq., of a daughter.
On Sunday last, 8th June, the Lady of F.Whitaker, Esq., M.C., of a daughter.
On the same day, the Lady of W.S.Grahame, Esq., of a daughter.

Names mentioned in the section entitled:- THE VALLEY OF THE HUTT

  • Mr Thomas S. Forsaith, the Protector of Aborigines.
  • Major M. Richmond
  • Te Rauparaha
  • Te Whero-whero
  • Rangihaeata

Names mentioned in the section entitled:- RESOURCES OF THE COLONY

  • Mr Grayling [probably a geologist, or similar]

Names mentioned in the section entitled:- BAY OF ISLANDS

  • Lieutenant Figg
  • Hone Heke
  • Kawiti

ORIGINAL CORRESPONDANCE section contains names of the following people:-

  • Mr Young, customs officer.
  • P. Skillicorn
  • Heki (Hone Heke)

There is also nearly a page of overseas news.

This is an absolutely fantastic edition and a must read for anyone interested in Hone Heke and the outbreak of fighting in the Bay of Islands. If you have problems with access to Papers Past, and think that one of the names I have identified below is an ancestor, then leave a message in the comments and I will transcribe the passages the name is mentioned in. Note: many of the names repeat throughout the last two pages of this edition, and if at all possible should be read from beginning to end for complete understanding and context.
In the meantime, enjoy the other extracts .

Blue Line gif
Twenty labourers for the copper mine, and fifty Maories for the Ship Building Yard.
Apply on Saturday next, between 10 and 12 O’clock, to
H.R. Cretnay

Blue Line gif

SUPREME COURT [selected extractions from this section]

The Grand Jury then retired and after some considerable time had elapsed, came into Court and through their foreman, W.F. Porter Esq., declared that the bill against Charles Berry Waitford, for having in his possession stolen property was ignored.
The Grand Jury again retired, and after finding bills against James Styles for larceny, and against the four privates of the 96th Regiment, for rioting.
His Honor discharged them, with the thanks of the Court for their attendance.
James Styles was indicted for stealing four half crowns, and four shillings in coin from John Malony, butcher. The case was endeavoured to be proved by two native witnessess [not a typo on my part], who were in the shop of the prosecutor when the prisoner entered, and who had seen the money on a table; but their evidence, and that of the prosecutor himself, was so at variance with their depositions before the Magistrate, that Mr. Pott, who conducted the prosecution, declared in addressing the Jury, that it could not be expected that their verdict should be any other than acquittal. The prisoner was instantly acquitted and discharged.

James Smith, William Gutteridge, John Ford and Benjamin Knowles, all privates in H.M. 96th Regt., were indicted for rioting with the felonious intent of demolishing the house of Thomas Henderson, of the Commercial Inn, Shortland Crescent, on Thursday evening, the 29th of May.
Mr. Pott appeared for the prosecution, and stated the case to the Jury as it appeared by the evidence, and observed he should confine himself simply to a detail of the evidence that would be laid before them, reserving any further observations to a later period of the proceedings.
Thomas Henderson stated that he returned home on the evening of the 29th May, and found a great crowd assembled before his house, therefore he entered at the back of the premises, – he found that soldiers were endeavouring to break open the shutters, which were closed. The soldiers did effect an entrance by breaking the shutters by force. Identified the prisoners Ford and Gutteridge. They were exciting the others.
Mr. Bartley for the prisoners cross-examined the witness. The night was very dark. – The lamp before the house was broken. – The soldiers had bayonets and sticks. – The shutters were sliding shutters. – The soldiers were urged on by the exclamations of “Go it 96,” “Knock the house down.” – There might be ten or twelve soldiers.
John Marshall, carpenter, was passing the Commercial Inn, and observed two or three soldiers within the house, striking a man, and heard the men declare they would tear the house down. Identified Gutteridge. About half past seven, saw a party of soldiers come down Shortland Crescent, pull down the shutters, and enter through the windows. Colonel Hulme ordered them off to the barracks. Lieut. Barclay was there also.
William Miller, blacksmith, saw the soldiers breaking in the windows. Identified Gutteridge, swore to him on account of his having on a great coat.
Jeremiah Lane, seaman, identified the prisoner Knowles, but on his cross examination, it appeared that he was locked up that night for being drunk.
David Snodgrass, baker, saw the tumult before the Commercial Inn, and soldiers endeavouring to pull down the shutters. Identified the prisoners Ford and Gutteridge, as being most active in the riot.
William Herne, identified the prisoners Ford, Smith, and Gutteridge, and gave evidence to the damage done by them. On his cross-examination, he declined to answer the question – Whether he had ever been transported?
Colonel Hulme stated that he went down to the Commercial Inn, in consequence of hearing of the riot. Found the prisoners Ford and Guttridge there, and ordered them with others to return to the Barracks with him, which they did. Two of the soldiers had great-coats on. He spoke of the good character of all the men, who had been very much slandered and insulted since the affair at Kororarika. Indeed both officers and men had been subjected to much insult whenever they appeared in the town, and the men had certainly received great provocation.
Mr.Bartley appeared for the defence, and stated that he objected to the indictment. There was a flaw in it, inasmuch as there was no proof of ownership of the premises, of which the prisoners had been indicted for attempting feloniously to destroy. He submitted to his Honor, the Judge, that there must be evidence beyond the mere statement of Mr. Henderson, that he was the owner, for the house was in the occupation of Mr. Macfarlane.
The learned Judge asked Mr. Bartley, for a precedent or authority, if he could adduce one; he would entertain the objection, – if not, – he overruled it.
Mr. Bartley, then made another objection, that – neither the year of our Lord, nor the year of the reign of the Queen, appeared in the indictment.
His Honor the Judge observed that he had full power to amend any indictment, on such particulars therefore Mr. Bartley’s objection could easily be remedied if it was wished. Mr.Bartley then called, John Harrington, Sergeant of the 96th Regt., who swore that Smith the prisoner was drunk on his bed in the barracks, the whole of the afternoon of the 29th, until eight in the evening.
George Dobie, Henry Pearson, and George Hodson, all privates of the 96th Regt., gave evidence to the same effect, as regarded the prisoner Smith.
Thomas Smith, private of the 96th Reg., swore that the prisoner Knowles returned to the barracks at 6 o’clock on Thursday, went to his bed and never left it on that evening again.
Mr. Pott then addressed the Jury, and observed that after the very clear evidence submitted to them, it was unnecessary to accompany it with many observations. The indictment had been laid under a recent Special Act of Parliament, to prevent the demolition of property, – such as factories, houses, &c. The evidence had most clearly proved that the prisoners at the bar were accessaries to the outrage. The defence attempted was the most common of all that were resorted to in such cases, an endeavour to provide an alibi with respect to two of the prisoners, Knowles and Smith. The only witnesses brought forward were soldiers of the same Regiment, and it might be expected that they would stretch their consciences to the utmost in behalf of their comrades. The Colonel of the Regiment had identified two of them, Ford and Gutteridge. He therefore should leave the case entirely with the Jury, being well assured that they would return such a verdict as would prevent repitition of such outrage, and be a warning to others not to break the law with impunity.
Mr. Bartley in addressing the Jury for the prisoners began by observing that he should not impugn witnesses on account of their feelings or interests, as his learned friend had done, but appeal to the Jury on the real evidence of the case. It was quite clear that two of the prisoners were entitled to their acquittal. Against Knowles there was no evidence except of the seaman Lane, and it might be doubted from his being locked up the same evening, for being intoxicated, whether he was correct in his identity of him. The evidence against prisoner Smith was rather stronger certainly, but still very slight. The only witness who positively swore to him, was William Herne, and the Jury would remember his disinclination to answer a certain question, he would not say that the evidence of such a man was [?not] worthy of credence, but it certainly ought to [?be] received with great caution, especially under [?] grave charge as that for which the prisoners at [the] bar were arraigned, which was nothing less than [?] capital felony. He conceived that the indictments had not been proved, – under another for [?] riot, there might have been some charge. Against the two prisoners Ford and Gutteridge there certainly was evidence of their presence at the outrage. [?] Mr. Bartley was not the edvocate of tumult [or] [?] rage, but he did think that on this occasion the prisoners had had great provocation; and he called on the Jury to dismiss from their minds any previous prejudice, and to give the prisoners the benefit of any doubt as to the full accomplishment of the outrage of which they were indicted. The learned Judge would explain to them the law, and what would constitute a felonious act for which the Act was intended, under which the indictment had been framed. Dreadful as would be the punishment of the prisoners if guilty, so great, he trusted would be the mercy and caution of the Jury.
The Chief Justice after reading to the Jury a part of the indictment, said
“You see then Gentlemen, that these prisoners are not indicted for rioting merely, but for riotously beginning to demolish a dwelling house. The offence of rioting is included in the charge in the indictment […]

The Jury found Ford and Gutteridge guilty, and His Honor the following morning sentenced them both to 18 months imprisonment with hard labor.
Smith and Knowles were acquitted.

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In a section entitled: Bay of Islands

On Sunday evening last, the barque British Sovereign arrived from Sydney, with the headquarters of the 99th Regiment, and following officers :- Lieutenant-Colonel Despard, Major Macpherson, Lieut. and Adjutant Dearing, Lieutenants Beattie, Johnson, Dr. Galbraith, Ensigns Symonds and Blackburn, Dr. Meen, and 200 rank and file.

Other names mentioned in this section include:

  • Hone Heke
  • Lieut.-Colonel Hulme
  • Lieutenant Wilmot, son of Sir Eardley Wilmot, Lieut-Governor of Van Diemens Land
  • Messrs Boyd and Kerr from Hobart Town (retired officers of the Royal Artillery)
  • Nene
  • Kowaiti
  • Pomare

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FIRE. – On Tuesday evening, last, the inhabitants of Auckland were much alarmed by a fire breaking out, at the slaughter-house and premises of Mr. Buckland in Albert-street. The quantity of fat on the premises occasioned, for a time, great flames, threatening much danger to the surrounding houses. The soldiers of the 96th were quickly on the spot, and, with the exertions of other inhabitants, prevented any extension of damage beyond Mr.Buckland’s own premises.

Blue Line gif


People mentioned in this section include:

  • Hone Heke Pokai / John Heke
  • Mr & Mrs Lord
  • Mr Kemp, the Protector of Aborigines
  • Nene (Tomaiti Waka / Thomas Walker)
  • Mr Caffer
  • Archdeacon Williams
  • Rev. Mr. Maunsell
  • Rev. Mr. Hamlin
  • Rainga Taunga
  • William Haw
  • Mr Buyers
  • Captain Wright
  • Captain Kingstone
  • Mr Hingston, Bay of Islands
  • Mr Millon, Matakana
  • Chiefs Parehoro, Mate and Kokou
  • Captain Robertson – HMS Hazard
  • Lieut. Barclay
  • Ensign J.Campbell
  • Mr Hector
  • Mr Polack
  • George Beckham, Police Magistrate
  • Acting Commander David Robertson (may be Captain Robertson mentioned above)
  • acting Lieut. Edward Morgan
  • George Phillpotts, Lieut. in Command during the illness of the Acting Commander

Marines – 1 Sergeant, 1 Private
Seamen – 4
Com. Robertson, dangerously.
Lieut. Morgan, slightly.
Seamen fifteen.

  • Mr Mowbroy
  • Mr Spain R.N.
  • Lieut. Phillpotts R.N.

Killed of the 96th Regiment, at the blockhouse on Flag-staff hill; 4 privates, viz. :- Miller, Giddens, Jackson and Jason.
Wounded – Private Durop, at the lower blockhouse, dangerously; private Welton, in the town, severely; private Gutludge, severely; private Scott, severely; private Morris, severely.
Mr Tapper, the signal man, was severely wounded, fighting bravely.

  • E . Barclay, Lieut. 96th Regt.
  • Mr Watson J.P.
  • Captain M’Keever, United States corvette, St.Louis
  • Captain Bliss, the whaler Matilda
  • Captain Richards, the government brig, Victoria
  • Captain Stewart, the schooner, Dolphin
  • Capt. Sir Everard Home, Bart., HMS North Star
  • Captain Dawson, the barque, Slaines Castle
  • Major Bridge, 58th Regiment
  • Hone Ropiha
  • Paratine Rekeao
  • Tamati Waka
  • Acting-Commander George Johnson, HMS Hazard and North Star
  • Captain Denny, Light Company of the 58th Regiment
  • Lieutenant and Adjutant M’Lerie, 58th Regt.
  • Lieut. Egerton, North Star
  • Kawiti
  • Ensign O’Connell, 51st Regiment
  • Ruku
  • Mr Lane

List of the killed and wounded in the action near the rebel chief Heke’s camp, on the 8th May 1845.
Her Majesty’s Ship “North Star”
1 Private of the Royal Marines killed.
Mr Warrington (clerk) slightly wounded
3 Privates of the Royal Marines severely wounded
1 Seaman dangerously wounded – since dead
3 Seamen severely wounded

Her Majesty’s Ship “Hazard”
Lieutenant Morgan, slightly wounded
1 Private of the Royal Marines severely wounded.
2 Seamen severely wounded

Her Majesty’s 58th Regiment
8 Rank and File killed
2 Sergeants and 14 Rank and File sev wounded
1 Sergeant slightly wounded

Her Majesty’s 96th Regiment
4 Rank and File killed
1 Sergeants and 6 Rank and File severely wounded
8 Rank and File slightly wounded

1 Civilian, servant to Mr Beckham, Police Magistrate, severely wounded

  • Mr Clendon, Police Magistrate of Paihia
  • Rivers
  • Rippa


The undersigned instructed by Mr John Chubbin, who is leaving the district, to sell by private contract his splendid farm of 1,400 acres, being the finest land in the Hawera district. It is all fenced in and in English grasses, situated about 3 miles from the township of Hawera, and adjoining the township of Normanby.
The above is well worth the attention of settlers and speculators.
For [?] particulars apply to Freeman R. Jackson, Auctioneer.


Per Manawatu – inwards – Miss Shotter, Mrs Compton, Messrs Dalton, Woods, Neil, Shotter, Sterling, Dougherty, Barnes and Crofts.

Per Storm Bird – inwards – Miss Spurdle, Messrs Frazer, Roberts, Staneake, Leadam, Spurdle, Glayne, Spiers, Marks, Conclately, Hone Rapika, and Te Kaika.

Per St Kilda – outwards – Mr Sutherland.

Hartnett – On the 27th December, 1875, the wife of Francis Grimley Hartnett, Bailiff, of a son.

Christie-Bush – On the 30th Jan., 1875, at St Paul’s Church, Spring Grove, Nelson, by the Rev. C.O. Mules, assisted by the Rev. C. Moon, H.F. Christie, of the Bank of New Zealand, Patea, to Henrietta Alice, third daughter of the late Dr. Bush, of Nelson.

Hartnett – On the 2nd January, 1876, Alban, the beloved son of Francis Grimley Hartnet, aged 13 months and 5 days.

Nickless – At Wanganui, on the 2nd inst., Eveline Sarah Jane, daughter of Henry and Alice Nickless, of the Native School, Parikino.

In the general news section…

A man named Henry Wilson committed an impudent robbery at the Hotel, Wangaehu on Thursday last in carrying off several blinds. Information was given to the police, and Constable Gwynne started in pursuit. In riding towards Wanganui, Gwynne fancied he saw a man hiding in the furze, and after riding past he turned his head suddenly, and saw a man watching him, who again tried to hide. He rode up to him and found he was the very party wanted. He brought him to Wanganui, and he was tried before Major Edwards on Friday and sentenced to three weeks’ hard labour for stealing the blinds.

Marton-Rangitikei Races.
Stewards – Major McBarnett, Messrs J. Cameron, J.G. Wilson, J.P. Watt, C.L. McLean, C. Croker and B. Gosling. Judge: Mr W.T. Owen ; Starter: Mr R.L.C. Birch ; Hon. Sec. and Treasurer: W.G. Watt ; Clerk of Course: Wirehana Hunia.

[If you expect or suspect an ancestor of owning horses, then you will want to read this issue as there is extensive reporting on the races, including noting the horse owners.]

Lost, from Wanganui, a Dark Brown Horse, branded BL on near shoulder. The above reward will be paid on returning it to J. Cotterill, Mr Collopy’s, Campbelltown.
[Must be the time of year, as there are two other entries for lost horses on this page.]

Campbelltown – A.C. Campbell
Wangaehu – J. Richardson
Turakina – J. Freith
Marton – Fred. Beaven
Bulls – Thos. Munro
Parawanui – H.A. Moore
Foxton – David Hughey
Sandon – Tompkins John
Kai Iwi – W.J. Tingey
Maxwelltown – John Brown
Nukumara – Wm. Handley
Waitotara – Thos. M. Fisher
Carlyle – Felix McGuire
Kararamea – Mr Palmer
Hawera – James Davidson
Wairoa – A.C. Fookes
Palmerston – G.F. Snelson
Crofton – A.C. Riggs
Fielding – R. Loudon
Awahuri – A. Bennett
Otaki –
Manutahi – P. Campbell
Waihi – F. Brett
Whenuakura – Thomas Lloyd
Upokongaro – John Kennedy


Please note: If you suspect your ancestor to have been involved in local body, or national politics, then this issue may be worth looking through as it contains a number of articles relating to local elections and electioneering.


W.B. Evans, Denver, Colorado; Mr F. Hamilton, Nelson; Mr King, Nelson; Mr F.H. Lees, Christchurch; Mr McIndoe, Greymouth; Mr P.F. Daniel, Mr H.A. Stratford, Greymouth.

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In the General News section:

Mr G.W. Coleman, of Nelson, has been appointed temporary teacher at Caplesten in place of Mr Lockingston. Mr Coleman arrived on Wednesday, and has already commenced his duties.

Mr Cheok Hong Cheong, the Chinese Evangelist, will arrive by coach from Westport this evening, and will speak in St Stephen’s Church. Mr Cheong leaves to-morrow for Greymouth en route for Christchurch.

Mr A.D. Willis, M.H.R. for Wanganui, left by coach for Westport this morning. Mr Willis says his visit to the Coast has more than ever impressed him with the importance of the gold mining industry, and he will always be glad to use his position as a member of the House in favor of any legislation calculated to encourage the development of that industry.

Mrs Noy, the well-known and popular teacher of dress-cutting, has arrived in Reefton, and has a business advertisement in this issue. We have been shown some of the many testimonials in possession of this lady, and they are certainly of the most satisfactory nature. One of the peculiar advantages of her system is that charts are entirely dispensed with, and it is worked with the fold of the material.
In many parts of the colony Mrs Noy’s pupils have marked their appreciation by making her presentations. Prior to leaving Fielding, we learn from the Fielding Star, they presented her with a handsome carriage clock, and Miss Daisy Noy was the recipient of a neat silver brooch. Mrs Barton, wife of Mr Barton, manager of the Bank of Australasia, made the presentations.

At the sitting of the S.M. Court to-day before Mr Stratford, John Mitchell was charged with cruelty to a horse, and after lengthy evidence was sentenced to 21 days’ hard labor in Hokitika gaol. He was further ordered to pay costs, £4 7s, in default of paying which the term of imprisonment is to be extended a further seven days.

The body of the late Mrs Evans was interred in the new cemetery this afternoon. The last rites at the grave were performed by the Rev. Mr Dart.

Mr McIndoe, of Dunedin, has been appointed permanent assistant Clerk of the Court at Reefton. He arrived last night, and has already commenced his duties.

Mr J.W.A. Marchant is appointed Chief Surveyor to the Land District of Canterbury.

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Suicide at Dunedin.
Dunedin this day.
Jas.Fox, a farmer at Mandeville, committed suicide yesterday morning by shooting himself. He had been arrested on the 18th on a charge of criminal assault on his neice who is under 15 years. The case was remanded several times. On Wednesday, after the last remand, he went home drunk, and was found dead in yesterday morning with a rifle alongside him.

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The friends of the late Thomas Eddy are respectfully invited to follow his remains to the old Cemetery.
The Funeral will leave Mr Andrew King’s residence to-morrow (Saturday) at 2 p.m.
T. Crumpton, Undertaker.

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The Rev. Wm Gillies, writing to the Timaru Herald concerning the whisky at the Hon. W. Hall-Jones’ banquet says: “When I became aware that whisky was being supplied, I challenged the caterer.” There was no doubt then about there being whisky at this prohibition banquet to a prohibitionist member of the Cabinet, Mr Gillies further says “I have brought pressure to bear upon licencees trying to secure a better observance of the Act, and when a committee, composed largely of teetotallers, takes to breaking the Act, I am not going to shut my eyes and pretend not to see it.”


No passengers listed.

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JENKINSON – On March 1st , the wife of William Jenkinson, of a son.

BISHOP – On March 2nd, 1896, Walter Bishop, Upland Road, Bell Block, aged 40 years.

Blue Line gif

The funeral of the late Walter Bishop will leave his late father’s residence, Upland Road, Bell Block, at 11.30 a.m. and arrive at the New Plymouth cemetery at 2.30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 4th, 1896.
Friends will kindly accept this intimation.
G.E. Sole, Undertaker.


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In the general news section…

The Royal Humane Society of Australasia has decided to award a broze medal to Harold Von Dadelszen, and an honour certificate to Percy Kinnsburgh. These are the two lads who took part in saving a girl from drowning at Island Bay, Wellington on January 6th, and bravely attempted the rescue of the second one.
[yes it is “broze” – the typesetter missed his n.]

At the residence of Mr T.S. Weston, says the Press, the bellringers of St Paul’s Church, Papanui (Messrs A. and E. Fletcher, L. Pegler, H. Ford, and C. Hill) were each presented by Mr Weston, on behalf of the residents of the district, with a handsome silver model of the large bell in the bellfry of the church. The models were presented as a slight recognition or the great interest the ringers take in their work, and as an appreciation of the improvement of ringing during the last year.


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We regret to record the death of Inspector Thomson, the officer in charge of the West Coast Police District, which occurred at Patea on Sunday night. The Inspector on Thursday afternoon last was seized with an apoplectic fit at Kakaramea, a small station about three miles from Patea on the north, and on the arrival of the train at Patea medical aid was at once obtained. Mrs Thomson went down immediately to attend to her husband. For a short period on Friday the Inspector regained consciousness, but again relapsed into a sleep, in which he gradually sank and died on Sunday night. The Inspector leaves a widow and a large family, four sons and seven daughters, to mourn their loss.
The deceased gentleman, who was a native of England, came out to Victoria on the outbreak of the goldfields, and was for some time a member of the Victorian police. He afterwards came over to New Zealand when the police force was properly organised in the colony, and was for years stationed in the South Island. Subsequently Inspector Thomson had charge of the Auckland Police District for several years, and then the Wellington District. About three years ago Inspector Thomson took charge of the West Coast District, with headquarters here. The Inspector was known for his kind and genial nature, and a large circle of acquaintances in different parts of the colony will regret his somewhat sudden death.
The body will be brought to New Plymouth by the 11 o’clock train to-morrow (Tuesday) morning.


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In other general news…

The trial of Leonard Harper will commence at Wellington on March 16th.

Mr R.E Fair, managing director of the Petroleum Company, left on Saturday for north, on his way to Sydney. Mr Fair will probably be absent a few weeks.

A judgement summons case, A. Standish v. J.H. Coad, was called on in the Magistrate’s Court this (Monday) morning, and was adjourned until Saturday. The claim was for £14 19s 2d.

Mr W.A. Collis, Chairman of the Town School Committee, states that if any prosecution takes place in connection with the schools picnic, held on Thursday last, it will be for stone throwing.

Mr March, Inspector of Special Settlements, Mr P.S. Hay, Engineer-in-Chief, and Mr G.F. Robinson, Chief Engineer of Roads, will hold an enquiry at Strathmore into the complaints of some of the special settlers in that locality.

The difficulty between Karl Locker and Messrs Norbury and Trevor was settled at Wellington on Friday by an arrangement made upon the guarantee of Mr G.W. Smart for an advance to Locker of the sum necessary to enable him to pay off his indebtedness to the builders; hence the sale under mortgage did not come off.

The ordinary monthly meeting was held on Monday. Present: Messrs Bewley (chairman), Tate, Adlam, Connett, Horrocks, McCullum, Peters, Okey, and McGloin.
Mr Adlam reported that a pump had been removed from the Council’s cottage at Oakura, and the person who took it refused to put it back, as he stated he had bought it from Mr Robinson, a former tenant in the cottage. Mr Adlam further explained that the present occupant of the cottage, Mr Mulholland, desired the use of the pump. – It was decided to request Mr Swaysland to return the pump.
[there is more in this long section of council minutes, but mostly only the council members are named, with the following exceptions: Mr Latham, contractor; Mr F. Salway, member of the Egmont Road Board; Mr Honeyfield (who seems to have a hole in the road near his gate); then there is a little bit of interplay between the council members – if they are family you might like to read the entire section; Mr T.K. Skinner, who appears from context to be an engineer; Mr Watson, who is leasing the Oakura cottage; and Mr J. Tarry.]


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BOWLING [Players names only – more detail is available regarding tournament play and interclub play]

Veale; Goldwater; McDermott; Coe; Gray; Dingle; Raeside; Erskine; Geddis; Ballinger; Morey
New Plymouth:- Ward; Carthew; Rundle; Gray; Paul
Palmerston North:- McKellar; Kibblewhite; Green; Mowlem
Christchurch:- Skelton; Ashby; Barnett; Manning

At the Smoke Concert, on Friday night, the Mayor of Auckland presented Mr G.M. Main, of the Auckland Bowling Club and staff, with a pair of silver mounted bowls, with a bowl case, and a valuable gold watch, on behalf of the North Island bowlers, on the occasion of his 58th birthday.

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Christchurch, February 29. – Great excitement was caused in town this morning at the report that W.F. Warner, the well-known landlord of the Commercial Hotel, J. Murray of the New Brighton Hotel, and Herbert Stewart, formerly an employee of the New Brighton Tram Company, had been drowned in the Estuary during the night. The three men named and Hawker, jnr., went to Sumner in order to bring back a boat, but the wind being gusty, they delayed their start until 11 o’clock, when it somewhat abated.
Nearing the entrance of the river a squall struck and capsized the boat. The occupants managed to get on the bottom, and, after drifting about some time, it was seen that Warner, who is now an old man, was getting exhausted. Hawker volunteered to swim ashore, the other two men deciding to stop with Warner. Hawker managed to reach land about 1 a.m., and obtaining assistance, went back to the scene of the accident, but nothing could be seen of the boat or the men.
Christchurch, March 1. – A search for the bodies was kept up the whole of the day, and that of Murray was found about 1 a.m. to-day. Warner’s body has also been recovered, but up till late this afternoon that of Stewart has not been found.
Warner was about 61 years of age, and had lived a somewhat adventurous life in his youth. He followed the sea, coming to New Zealand in 1861. He purchased the hotel, now widely known by his name, in 1873. He leaves a wife and young family of three. Murray also leaves a family, but Stewart was unmarried.
Christchurch, March 2. – At the inquest on Warner and Murray, victims of the yachting accident, a verdict of “accidentally drowned by the upsetting of the yacht Waitingi” was returned. The jury added a rider that yachts and boats using the estuary should carry life-belts or buoys, which would probably prevent accidents of this character; and also that Hawker did his best under the circumstances to save the lives of those who were lost.
Flags are floating at half mast, and there is a general gloom over the city.

[this article strikes a particular chord with me due to what I do for a living… marine safety… still happens 100 years later 😦 ]


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